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    About Us

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    About Us

    Annex Logistics Pvt. Ltd., India’s fastest growing logistics company powered by cutting-edge technology

    Annex Logistics Pvt. Ltd., a one stop Logistics service provider is a leading & fast growing company in the Warehousing & Distribution industry. Committed to quality assurance and quality improvements in terms of its core activities and the infrastructure, administrative and support services that underpin them, we always maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct and operate in such a way that we can point to with pride. Trust, courtesy and promptness are just some of the dimensions we believe in when it comes to dealing with our customers. Our fundamentals values are – working with Honesty and treating customers fairly. We believe in constantly reviewing of our existing services and introduction of new ones from time to time by making utmost efforts that support all sorts of business needs and people’s lives. We have been focusing on upgrading our services through the construction of information networks linked with ultramodern Warehouses and Distribution centers, including vertical automated Warehouses located in targeted places such as transportation hubs, and in the vicinity of major cities. We have also established a firm reputation among retail consumers as the pioneer of the trunk room service, where we conduct an extensive range of operations in all the metro cities of India.


    "Annex Logistics Pvt. Ltd." To serve customers with the highest standards of service keeping our motto as customer satisfaction, offering fast, economical, quality service coupled with competitive tariff and efficient transit times. The company has adopted automation, and is well equipped with the latest technology and its applications for ensuring customer convenience. Inter-connectivity & Online Tracking System are such examples. Our company offers Tracking mechanism and status check facility on our website to its valued customers.


    "Annex Logistics Pvt. Ltd." To be known for corporate branding by establishing firm’s reputation among customers as the pioneer of service where an extensive range of services are conducted and stand out as a company providing timely and hassle free end-to-end supply chain that supports and fulfills business needs. Door step booking, flexibility, safety and security of each & every shipment booked by us.